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If you’re new to the foodie scene, a Michelin star is a prestigious culinary award given by the Michelin Guide, a French guidebook series that rates restaurants and hotels worldwide.

We love working with anything food related at Eb + Flo Digital, and one of our things to do is create websites for chef’s and restaurants.

What is a Michelin Star?

Michelin stars are awarded on a scale of one to three, with three stars being the highest accolade. Earning a Michelin star can have a significant impact on a restaurant’s reputation and business, as it is seen as a stamp of approval from one of the most respected culinary authorities in the world. However, it is important to note that not all restaurants aspire to earn Michelin stars, and there are many outstanding restaurants that have chosen to focus on other aspects of their business instead.

We were super excited to work with Michelin Star Chef, Dan Marsalek of the Hungry Chef, (previously of the Fat Duck in England) to create a website that showcased his skills, ability and cuisine skills. Moving into the world of private dining, he needed something that would allow his customers to visualise and see his creative cooking skills virtually as unfortunately being able to taste a dish over the internet isn’t real yet (we’d really prefer this tech over hoverboards and AI anyway if any tech geniuses are reading this).

Why might a chef or restaurant need a website?

Good question. Here’s a few of the reasons we’d recommend having a website if you fit into either of these categories

  1. Promote their brand and services: A website can serve as a platform for a chef to showcase their skills, experience, and culinary philosophy to potential clients, employers, and partners. It can help them establish their brand and attract new business opportunities.
  2. Provide information about their offerings: A chef’s website can provide detailed information about their menus, pricing, availability, and location. This can make it easier for customers to find and book their services, as well as get a sense of what they can expect from the dining experience.
  3. Build relationships with customers: A website can provide a space for chefs to engage with their customers, share their latest creations, and gather feedback and reviews. This can help them build a loyal following and create a sense of community around their brand.
  4. Enhance their credibility: A professional-looking website can enhance a chef’s credibility and authority in the industry. It can help them differentiate themselves from competitors and demonstrate their commitment to excellence and innovation.
  5. Expand their reach: A website can help a chef reach a wider audience beyond their local area. They can use it to promote their services to a global audience, share their recipes and culinary knowledge, and collaborate with other chefs and food bloggers.


As we said, we love anything food-related, and one of our favourite things to do is create websites for chefs and restaurants. Having a website can be super helpful for chefs and restaurants because it can help them promote their brand and services, provide info about their menus and location, and build relationships with customers. Plus, a professional-looking website can really enhance a chef’s credibility and help them stand out in the industry.

So, if you’re in the market for a new website, we think we’re the foodies to help you. Send us a message here to see how we can work together.


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