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3 Reasons Why the Backend of Your Website Matters

Let’s talk about a classic pitfall in the digital game – the set-and-forget syndrome. You know, where your website gets all dolled up and then you leave it hanging without a second thought?

Big mistake. Sure, design matters, but beyond that, your website needs to be more than just a pretty face. It’s got to spill the beans on your business, stay up-to-date, and shout, “Hey, we’re still kicking!” Imagine if your site is stuck in last year’s events – not a good look, right?

If you want your business to stay relevant and attractive to your customers, here are our top 3 tips. 


If you set and forget, your customers will forget you too.

Apart from the design, which is undoubtedly crucial, your website must have enough content. It has to provide clear and up-to-date information about your business and services.

It also has to be updated regularly so that potential customers can see your business is active. If, let’s say, your website still advertises events scheduled for last year, your customers might assume you no longer operate. 


Loading time matters – on all devices

To guarantee the best user experience, the website must also load quickly on all devices. Users don’t have tons of time to wait for something to work. If they click on your page and it lags, doesn’t load or contains broken links, they’ll more often than not just leave and find another website that gives them what they want.

In the website design world, we call this quick website exit ‘bounce rate’. And who wants to lose business, and hence money, because they didn’t look into their site health?!


Numbers and data don’t lie, so you must listen carefully to what the analytics tell you.

We talked about what good websites mean to users. Now, let’s focus on something equally important, if not more: the information a website gives you. A website is not just a pretty page with smart-looking text.

It’s a whole ecosystem of data, stats and analytics. If tracked and interpreted correctly, this is incredibly beneficial to your business evolution.

Understanding this data is your chance to gain information about who looks at your website and what their behaviour is when they are on your page. What do they click on, which parts do they skip, which pages do they spend the most time on? And the list goes on… It’s an expert spy opportunity for you to understand who your target audience is so you can tailor your ads and marketing to the right people. 


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